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Recommendations for Durban Review Outcome Document
Regarding People of African Descendent
In the United States of America

Submitted on
on behalf of the 10 Undersigned Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
and the 61 Undersigned Individuals.

April 17, 2009


• Recognize that the status of People of African Descent has, at best, remained remarkably unchanged since 2001 and that Anti-black racism continues to result in significant economic, social, legal, health and cultural disparities.

• Acknowledge that if there is to be real progress to be made in the elimination of the consequences of the transatlantic slave trade and racism, it is essential that States accurately recognize the situation and maintain strong obligations, comprehensive responsibilities and significant accountability.

• Acknowledge that the transatlantic slave trade, which resulted in the forcible and illegal removal of over 50 million Africans from the continent, was a crime against humanity which must never be forgotten.

Programme of Action

• Urge States that have not yet condemned, apologized and paid reparations for the grave and massive violations as well as the massive human suffering caused by slavery, the slave trade, the transatlantic slave trade, apartheid, colonialism and genocide, to do so.

• Urge States to make significant progress in gathering data and other human development indicators disaggregated by racial and ethnic subgroups including descendants of enslaved Black people or Afro-descendants, acknowledging that without data it is difficult to document both the existence of discrimination and progress made in eliminating it.

• Urge States to make progress in eliminating disparities in racial profiling, in the arrest, prosecution, sentencing, incarceration and post-conviction restrictions suffered by People of African descent in the criminal justice system.

• Urge States to make progress in reducing the mental and physical health disparities suffered by People of African descent by eliminating inequalities in social determinants of health such as wealth, income, education, employment, housing, health care, environment, and all forms of racism.

• Urge that the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent be made a permanent forum and be expanded to include at least 3 at large members who are persons of African descent and to assure that there is representation from the Caribbean and North America and representation of both male and female persons of African Descent.

• Request that the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent assist the civil society in developing and strengthening the connection between the global African community of activists and people of African descent.

• Urge States to provide adequate funding and resources to allow for full participation of people of African Descents in national, regional and international meetings on racism.


Non-Governmental Organizations

Anti-Racist Community Action Network
Roselle, NJ USA

Discover Your Dream Foundation
Fishkill, NY USA

Global Afrikan Congressuk
London, England

Indigenous African American Reparations Tribunal
Oakland, CA USA

Institute for Urban Research
Morgan State University
Baltimore, MD USA
Muhaisen & Muhaisen LL
Denver, CO USA

N'COBRA Legal Defense, Research and Education Fund
Little Rock, AR USA

New Panther Vanguard Movement
Los Angeles, CA USA

The Praxis Project
Washington, DC USA

The University of Dayton School of Law
Dayton, OH USA


Adjoa A. Aiyetoro
Board Member
N'COBRA Legal Defense, Research and Education Fund
Little Rock, AR USA

Amy D. Lopez-Matthews
Director of Student Life and Kennedy Union
University of Dayton*
Dayton, OH USA

Analise Harris
CU NAACP President*
Waukegan, IL USA

Asantewaa Harris
Community Vision Council*
Brooklyn, NY USA

B. Kwaku Duren, Esq.
New Panther Vanguard Movement
Los Angeles, CA USA

Bob Griss
Director of Health Care Policy
Institute of Social Medicine & Community Health*
Falls Church, VA USA

Brenda D. Cooper, M.Ed,, MRC., CRC
Assistant Director, Student Learning Services
University of Dayton*
Dayton, OH USA

Brenda Randall
Sterling, AK USA

Brian M Hollingsworth
Black Men Against Racism*
Whiteville, NC USA

Correll Hammond
Resident Director
Creighton University*
Omaha, NE USA

Craig Thornhill
University of Dayton Black Professionals Organization*
Dayton, OH USA

Daniel Jordan, PhD
Oxnard, CA USA

Donald H. Smith, Ph.D.
Past President
The National Alliance of Black School Educators*
New York, NY USA

Ejim Dike
Director, Human Rights Project
Urban Justice Center*
New York, NY USA

Ellen Shaffer
San Francisco, CA USA

Enoch H. Page
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology*
Amherst, MA USA

Glenroy Watson
General Secretary
Global Afrikan CongressU K
London, England

Gwendolyn Lee-Dukes, MD
Houston, TX USA

Hazel Rountree
Dayton, OH USA

Henry W. McGee, Jr.
Professor of Law
Seattle Unversity*
Seattle, WA USA

Hon. Chen Chimutengwende
Former Govt Minister in Zimbabwe
Africa Global Network (AGN)
Harare, Zimbabwe

Hon. Tera Cozart
Hazard, KY USA

Iman Drammeh-Nur
The Drammeh Institute,Inc.*
Bronx, NY USA

Jack T.F. ling, PhD
Executive Director, Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
University of Dayton*
Dayton, OH USA

Jean Libby
Allies for Freedom*
Palo Alto, CA USA

Jeff Hitchcock
White Anti-racist Community Action Network
Roselle, NJ USA

Joseph Prevo
Houston, TX USA

Judy Helfand
Santa Rosa Junior College*

Karen G Pierce
Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates*
San Francisco, CA USA

Killian McMorrow
Dublin, Ireland


Lisa J. Trigg, PhD, PMHNP-BC
Medical Services & Informatics Navos*
Seattle, WA USA

Mae Jackson
Executive Director
Caring for Creators of Change*
Yonkers, NY USA

Msisha Amen
President and CEO
Maat Center*
Irvington, NJ USA

Makani Themba-Nixon
Executive Director
The Praxis Project
Washington, DC USA

Marjorie Florestal
Associate Professor of Law
University of the Pacific-McGeorge Law School*
Sacramento, CA USA

Marla Benavides
Muhaisen&Muhaisen LLC
Denver, CO USA

Michael "Omowale Olanrewaju" Haggerty
National Black United Front - Houston*
Houston, TX USA

Monalisa Mullins
University of Dayton*
Dayton, OH USA

Mustafa Ansari, PhD.
Chief Justice
Indigenous African American Reparations Tribunal
Oakland, CA USA

Naji Mujahid
Black August Planning Organization*
Washington, DC USA

Pamela Edwards
Professor of Law & Director
Center for Diversity in the Legal Profession
CUNY School of Law*
Flushing, NY USA

Patricia Rodney, PhD, MPH
Professor and Director
Morehouse School of Medicine*
Atlanta, GA USA

Patricia Sullivan
Discover Your Dream Foundation
Fishkill, NY USA

Paula R. Rhodes
University of Denver Sturm College of Law*
Denver, CO USA

Raushana Karriem
Senior Ambassador
All For Reparations and Emancipation*
Fairburn, GA USA

Raymond Winbush
Director, Institute for Urban Research
Morgan State University
Baltimore, MD USA

Richard J. Perry, Jr., PhD
Associate Professor, Church and Society
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago*
Chicago, IL USA

Robert Robinson
Doraville, GA UA

Robert Westley
Tulane Law School*
New Orleans, LA USA

Ronald "Kwesi" Harris
Servant Leader
Chicago, IL USA

Shiraz Durrani
Senior Lecturer
London Metropolitan University*
London, United Kingdom

Steven Muhammad
Blaqsage Productions*
Dayton, OH USA

Thaddeus Hoffmeister
Assistant Professor
University of Dayton*
Dayton, OH US

Theo Majka
Professor of Sociology
University of Dayton*
Dayton, OH USA

Tim Iglesias
Professor of Law
University of San Francisco School of Law*
San Francisco, CA USA

Timothy Muhammad
Nation of Islam*
Baker, LA USA

Valerie N. Bob
Secretary Treasurer
1910 Indian Shaker Religion*
Bellingham, WA USA

Vernellia R. Randall
Professor of Law
The University of Dayton School of Law
Dayton, OH

Zaki Baruti
Universal African Peoples Organization*
St. Louis, MO USA

***Name Removed After Submission upon Request.

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