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1. All African people suffer from a lack of self-knowledge about our own identity.  We do not know and do not want to know who we are, where we came from and where we are going. We are the captive and captured consumers of this world.  We have been conditioned by the laws of the colonizers; Europeans and Arabs to accept the falsification that we are nothing.  We want to insist on our rights as captives.  We have spent 400 years trying to be Europeans and Arabs both in continental Africa and Diaspora Africa. Nothing will make us think we are being fooled into believing that we not what they have made us.  Even animals when captured and released rush to the bush where they came from.  Africans in America have been "freed' for 400 years and they have no interest in Africa where everybody knows they came from why?  Is it because of William Lynch?  We, Queens and Kings, who built the Golden Stool, the pyramids and who brought history, medicine, astrology, mathematics, sciences, religion and other subjects into this world are looked upon by Europeans and Arabs whose ancestors were in caves when we flew into the moon, as nothing .  Bring any Eurocentric and Arabcentric attitudes, behaviors, customs, religion and concepts into any discussion with any African and you are bound to encounter acrimonious vituperations about our African history to the detriment of a clear understanding of the motivations and desires of the African people


2 Since 1962 when SADA first became conscious of his Africanity we have observed that both the continental Africans and the Diaspora Africans have displayed fear, unconcerned and disinterestedness in the total emancipation of the Africans and we look up to the governmental actions to free us even now and to give us civil rights.  Eminent men and women have spent a whole generation only for civil rights.  "Loi civille" is for civil society and no human being can legislate civil rights except to enable the victims to go to court for redress but not to right the problems emanating from the violations of the right of man to live in a free society . Whenever there is a problem in any part of the world involving the African descendants, all of us look up to the "white man"; the Euro Arabs for solution because, since slavery days Africans have been banned from organizing themselves into a united front to solving our social problems.  We talk, criticize and pray to Euro Arab God but not a dime goes to the aid of the suffering masses from individual African or group of Africans.  Euro Arabs raise money to solve our problems.  This is a shame and we want to make it clear that the selfish attitude and lack of interest in our people should cease and we should begin to be our sisters and brothers keepers and be responsible to our race through organized Sons and Daughters of Africa.


3. We, the Africans have been schemed, reduced and made us accept our status as Europeans and Arabs; our names and culture are all Euro Arab names.  We do not want to work for a change in our status.  We do not want to organize ourselves to solve the so called racism which is a result of Africans not doing anything to uplift themselves as human beings but remain fragmented and uselessly disconnected.  We are our own making. We even refuse to practice the seven principles of “KWANZA” which lays some principles for our unity.


4. We the Africans, acknowledge that the status that the Euro Arabs have reduced the Sons and Daughters into as children incapable of organizing ourselves and behaving like mentally sick children, is not going to change easily.  We also acknowledge that since most of us are Euro Arabs, the few of us who acknowledge that we have been damaged mentally and spiritually, to a point where our mental faculties do not and would not reflect us as Africans but as Europeans and Arabs must work to revive our basic human interests and powers in our ourselves, our children and our posterity through the study and restoration of our HISTORY and CULTURE to help the world understand us as a people.


 5. We the Sons and Daughter of Africa acknowledge that the transatlantic slave trade, the chattel slave trade, by EUROPEANS AND ARABS, the Euro Arabs,  the greatest human holocaust which resulted in the forcible and illegal removal of over 100 million Africans from their tropical continent of Africa and placed us in Caribbean and American plantations in USA and South America, was a crime against humanity and must be forgiven the Europeans and Arabs by the Africans but  never to forget but must be remembered, memorialized, and  celebrated every year by the Sons And Daughters of Africa and Friends of Africa who are sympathetic with the plight of Africans on the May 25, of each and every year until eternity.


Programmed Requests:

5. To support the African Union to form the United States of Africa so that the self pity that came with slavery, chattel slavery, colonialism, neo colonialism, apartheid, benign neglect and the myriad negative insinuations that emanate from all the negatives heaped on Africans by non Africans can be properly addressed by the United States of Africa since the United States of Africa using all the resources; human and materials in African can reach the nucleus of the plight of Africans and will have the means to address the total freedom of the Africans both at home and abroad

6. Urge the descendants of Africa in the Diaspora, the Diaspora Africans to face our realities and our plight in which all Africans find themselves, so that they can begin to see clearly that the future of Africa is theirs also and that they should not sit on the fence with wait and see attitude, while Africa suffers from lack of international support. That the Diaspora Africans have the means, the education, the money and the know how to organize themselves if and only if they can stop the self aggrandizement; one of the mental diseases that afflict and has affected all Africans.


7. Urge each participating country to enact laws that will discourage and eliminate disparities in racial profiling; especially the states in the United States of America and to set up a secretariat to monitor racial discrimination among member countries; especially discriminations against the descendants of Africa since we are the prime target of all the discriminations in the world. by People of African descent in the criminal justice system.

8. Urge each participating country to set up mechanism for monitoring incarcerated African descendants since we are the targets of laws that prohibit marijuana and other offenses that are not offenses against persons or individuals but rather are design to put an end to negative behaviors and the importers, smugglers and pushers of drugs are not Africans because Africans in America do not own planes and ships to bring the drugs. Urge such countries like the United States of America to reduce sentencing guidelines for those African Americans who offend drug laws of the USA since they have no means of importing such drugs.






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