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General Assemble Durban Review Conference
20 April 24 April 2009
United Nations, Geneva

Read 23 April 2009


Mr President

I speak on behalf of the leading NGO's representing Women's movement Tiye International (21 Organizations of Black, Migrant and Refugees women and Youth Associations) and from Africans and Peoples of African Descendants and other Networks of Civil Society in the Netherlands.

We thank the member states for their decision to reaffirm the DDPA1. This is one of the many extraordinary successes of the Prep-Coms towards this Conference.

In addition, we strongly reconfirmed our commitment to be an active part of the Durban Review process and the implementation of the DDPA, to promote the issue of solidarity with all victims of racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Islam-phobia, and the phobia against Africans and African Descendants: Anti Black Racism. Likewise, we reconfirm our commitment to work for the human rights for oppressed Women, Youth, Dalits and Palestine People, so that we all may enjoy equal treatment and fundamental rights ending the suffering that has regretfully become so common in this era of humanity.

We are deeply disappointed that our government, the Netherlands, is not part of the negotiations on this Conference. We, as members of Civil Society, tried desperately to convince the Dutch government that it will be a tragic historical failure not to be an active and progressive part of this salient Conference especially given the fact of the multi-etnic/multiracial society of the Netherlands and Netherland as a former Colonial State with a large number of African and Asian, Surinamese people in particularly and Turkish people. On the other hand we satisfied because of the participation of the European Union and other Europe Countries.

Fortunately, in 2001, the Dutch government did sign the DDPA which enabled the NGO's of the Netherlands and over the world now to continue with mobilizing our Civil Society Communities so that we are able to implement the DDPA. To our dismay since being recognized in 2001, the DDPA has not been implemented, especially in the good fortune and concerns of AAD peoples.


1) It is with these facts we strongly recommend that a next review of the DDPA convenes within the duration of five years. This allows the issue of reparations for the crimes against humanity in regards to the "Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade" may reach a process for serious negotiations. We, for this reason, welcome a paragraph to be documented again in the "Final Resolution" where it orders an "Apology and Reparations" for this horrifies transgression, committed against Africa and African People and the impact of these crimes. We cannot leave this issue for our next generations to solve it. It can than be define in our opinion as continuation of the crimes against humanity.

2) We strongly recommend the establishment of an UN "Permanent Forum for African and Peoples of African Descendant" as it has been established "Indigenous People." This, so that Africans and Peoples of African Descendant will become more visible and active in the common efforts for progress and fulfillment.

3) Furthermore, we recognize the need to integrate a gender perspective into relevant policies, strategies and /or effective measures against racism, xenophobia and related intolerance for these reasons in order to address forms of multiple discrimination. We welcome all the efforts to develop and strengthen gender and ethnicity sensitive policies, human rights training and clear instructions for public officials including migration authorities and other related personnel. This will prevent degrading procedures and humiliations at all levels of society. You may see the referral in the DDPA 2001 par. 133 where is recommended equal treatment at work including equal pay for all work. Equal treatment at work, must be designed and implemented with concrete proposals and a clear output in order to improve perceptions and combat discrimination.

For the rest we ask for your fully attention of the attached Joint Statement of Dutch NGO's, Africans and Peoples of African Descent (March 19)

Thank You for your attention!!


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