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3. NGOs at the PrepCom

Generally speaking, NGOs had sufficient opportunities for participation in the Regional PrepCom. However, the possibility of NGOs having a level of participation equal to that of the governments, like the level of participation the NGOs had at the European Regional PrepCom, was neither achieved nor even discussed. There were a number of instances in which the participation of NGOs was limited in Santiago.

The request for NGOs to be allowed to intervene in the Drafting Committee, where the most important political debates among governmental delegations developed, was not approved. This led representatives of civil society organizations, primarily the indigenous leaders, to leave the Plenary when Chilean President Ricardo Lagos addressed the PrepCom.

In the inaugural session of the Regional PrepCom, Francisco Estevez of the Ideas Foundation was allowed to make a presentation summarizing the debates and conclusions of the Citizen’s Conference. This was an exceedingly positive act as it informed governments of the proposals of civil society organizations. Civil society organizations were authorized to make oral interventions in the Plenary and more than 100 organizations took advantage of this opportunity.

The organizations could, in principle, attend all of the Drafting Committee’s deliberations. However, due to physical space limitations, they were not always able to remain in the room where the debates took place. Access to the documents that were being discussed was never simple. On the one hand, because they were working in "real time," many of the proposals were presented and discussed at the same time and there were only manuscript versions of them. On the other hand, when these proposals were reproduced, on several occasions there were not enough copies made for all of the organizations who needed them. There was also an occasion in which the Secretary General of the Conference indicated that copies would be distributed only among governmental representatives.

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