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A Lost Bronte Novel

Ruth Thunder

by -The Fleischman (that's me)

Ruth Thunder is an admirable and energetic orphan raised by a controlling and thoughtless aunt. Eventually she gets a job working as a scout for the hopeful Lord Rockatansky of Rockatansky Skyscraper. The unlikely couple rapidly succumb to a splendid passion.

On the day of their wedding, a arrogant monk escapes from the attic of Rockatansky Skyscraper and starts a fire. Believing that Lord Rockatansky is dead, Ruth flees from the church and wanders the breezy moors for days until she is rescued by a modest private detective.

However, although Lord Rockatansky is blinded by the fire, he still breathes. Without Ruth he becomes cold-blooded and proud. He turns to alcohol for comfort. The ghost of the monk from the attic haunts him.

Meanwhile, thinking Lord Rockatansky is dead, Ruth accepts a marriage proposal from her saviour, the private detective. However, one night she believes she can hear Lord Rockatansky calling, "Ruth, where are you? Ruth come home!" and she returns to Rockatansky Skyscraper.

On Ruth's return, she finds Lord Rockatansky drunk and without sight. Mistaking her for the ghost of the arrogant monk, he attacks her with a sword and Ruth Thunder dies.

As he attends to the body, Lord Rockatansky realises what he has done. Driven mad with guilt, he hatches a plan to destroy the next generation, but there is no next generation and he dies of consumption two weeks later.