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International Medical Graduate Residency Search

The United States of America has been one of the countries that caters. and allows foreign individuals and professionals to enter their territory for different purposes. Employment has been the main reason of migration to the United States. The U.S. is composed of 50 different States with different demographics, topography, cultural diversity, and workforce requirements. As a medical professional, especially medical doctors, coming from a foreign country, each state has their own way and process, and steps that one must undertake in order to practice your profession and obtain a residency in a medical institution.

There are a wide variety of international medical graduate (IMG) friendly residency programs all over each state. Consulting an img friendly residency program list will show that New York has been ranked as one of the most img friendly states. It has over a thousand international medical graduates practicing all over the state. The other states that are included in the list are namely Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts and California. All of these states are known for their diversity in terms of the people living there. This diversity is recognizable by the amount of migrants coming to those states from all parts of the globe.

There are also the most “img friendly” medical specializations in the US, Internal Medicine, Pathology, Family Medicine, General Surgery and Psychiatry. The Internal Medicine Program is divided into four different programs. Transitional Programs rotates these 1-year residency applicants among hospitals every two to three months. Preliminary programs are 1-year programs designed for those individuals who wish to specialize, and need a year of internal medicine training. Categorical programs are 3 year programs that allow residents to gain board eligibility if performance is satisfactory. It is also one of the most traditional and hospital based programs. Those who are aiming to work as a generalist are advised to enter the primary care programs, which have a higher emphasis on ambulatory care experience in the community.

The IMG residency application process starts by submitting an application via ERAS (electronic residency application service), select programs, assign supporting documents as well as adding recommendation letters. The ERAS Application asks a series of questions to build a resume for programs to view. The applicant should also attach a personal letter stating accomplishments, goals, passion and work ethics. Medical school transcripts and a US medical licensure exam transcript are also required since you are applying for a medical position. This is the highlight of the entire application process as this serves as the measurement of the applicants’ capabilities and mastery of their profession. Several Letters of Recommendation written by a trusted supervisor, evaluating your performance during your time with them, are also needed in the application process. The application process starts during the third quarter of the year.

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International Medical Graduate Residency Search
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