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How to Select Work Boots for Your Occupation


When it comes to choosing safety footwear, your preferred choice should be based on the potential hazards at your work place. For instance, when working in a place where there is a high risk of falling objects, selecting a shoe based on ankle support would not address the appropriate risk. The perfect pick would be something like a steel toe work boot. Taking a little bit of extra time in making sure you pick the right boots for your job could make a big difference on your safety.

1. The Chemical Industry
When it comes to the chemical industry, OSHA has setup 3 rules that workers should abide on when purchasing protective footwear. All workers working in the chemical industry should purchase safety shoes that are safe from degradation, permeation and penetration of chemicals. Any footwear that does not abide to these 3 standards should be avoided.

2. The Electrical Industry.
For anyone working around electricity, Electrical hazard boots are a must have as part of the Protective gear. This industry includes all electricians and the people who also work around circuits and high voltage equipment. The appropriate footwear is manufactured with non-conductive and electric-shock resistant soles and heels. Non-conductive footwear are tested according to “ASTM 2413” standard and are classified with “EH” rating.

3. Construction Industry.
When working in the construction, one should be careful of two main hazards that could do great damage to your feet if you do not have proper footwear; Falling objects and sharp objects.

When it comes to protecting your feet from falling objects, your safety boots should have a capping over the toe area. The toe caps are usually made of steel or composite for protection. Toe caps are also tested according to “ASTM 2413” standard for Impact rating. Work boot rated as “I75” means it can protect your feet from an impact of 75 pounds.

Footwear that gives you protection from sharp objects are rated as PR (puncture-resistant). Make sure your work boot is rated as PR as it is a must for working in a construction environment.

It cannot be stressed enough that one should always wear safety footwear based on the types of hazards that exists in his work place. The hazards discussed in the 3 industries above can also exists in some other working conditions. It is not wise to just buy the footwear blindly, follow the standards of the industry to keep your feet safe. All in all, make sure that your preferred choice is a closed toe.

published: November 24, 2017

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How to Select Work Boots for Your Occupation
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