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Do you want to work in Germany?

Was your last google search Personalvermittlung? Are you dreaming of living among the Germans? Many people work in Germany and many want to get a job opportunity there. However, the Germans plan restrictions against immigrants. Normal workers are affected by the new regulation: those who cannot find work in the country in three months may be expelled. Of course, these are just plans, but you should already organize everything at home before you move abroad. You should already have a job and a secure plan before safely beginning your new life.

The biggest motivation is still the higher salary and the intention of learning the language, since in Germany even physical work is more profitable. Although the desire of gaining new experiences can often be another cause of foreign labor.

Language skills are important

Better and better German knowledge is needed if you want to work in Germany, this means approx. intermediate level. Usually, before the work begins, you take part in a training course in German which lasts for a few weeks. You should already start to acquire the language at home. One of the hardest things is to get to Germany from your own pocket. You ought to take care of the papers required for the first month's payment and to open a German bank account. You also need to take out the tax code and to sign a health insurance contract. The recruitment company will help.

How is work in Germany?

You have to expect a westernized, modern mentality in terms of working conditions and work ethics in Germany. They really pay attention to the rest periods and even the holidays are issued in such a way that you will have the opportunity to visit your family once in a month (of course this also depends on the mother-country). Obviously, all these requires precision, high workload and discipline. Germans expect you to exceed 100 percent efficiency and they like to see if you are enthusiastic about your work. And what may happen later? Some people just want to spend a shorter period in the country, but others do not even plan to go home (again, this is home country-specific). Usually, the family will follow the workers after half a year. There are some people who -after acquiring the necessary language skills-, get back to their former profession, of course in most cases for a better salary. Obviously, one should not burn his boats when moving out, because native relationships may always be useful.

So, working in Germany does not seem to be a bad thing! You can gain experience, good money and language skills.

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