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Clay Powders for Beauty

Clay powders have been used for centuries due to their amazing properties. They are used to remineralize, clean, detoxify and regenerate the body inside out. Clay powder can also be used for washing and nourishing the hair. When mixed with water, they become an instant mud that can be applied to the face as a beauty masque for healthier, younger looking and firmer skin.

Clay powders come in different forms including French green, bentonite, white kaolin, rose clay, sea clay and dead sea clay; to name a few. French green and bentonite are the most popular types. The clays are meant for different types of skins. For example white kaolin clays are recommended for sensitive to normal skin to get rid of redness and restore moisture to dry skin types.

The above clays can be mixed to make a unique facial masque. Seaweed powder can also be added to the mask for additional moisturizing.

Various styles of application of a clay masque can be used. For example: you can use the spa style to give yourself a clay masque facial. The procedure is easy starting with the recipe ingredients, getting ready for the process, playing with the mud and lastly glowing radiant skin.

The following are benefits of clay powders for facials:

  • Cleans and refines pores.

Clays have a drawing effect on skin. When you use a clay masque, it helps draw the dirt and toxins from within your pores as the masque dries on the skin.

  • Tightens the skin and tones it.

As the clay dries on your skin, you will feel the skin tighten. This simple process actively cleanses and tones the skin drying the clay.

  • Infuses with minerals.

The rich mineral content of the clay powders feed and rejuvenate the skin. This healthy infusion of minerals helps in nourishing and replacing what your skin has lost as a result of daily wear and tear.

  • Clay powders exfoliates gently.

Clay powders have fine grains which cause a mild exfoliation effect. This encourages new cell growth, removes dead cells and leaves the skin looking radiant, smooth and young.