University of Dayton
School of Business Administration
Winter (Spring), 2009

MBA 660
Information Technology and Systems

Case & Article Analysis - Picayune (albeit important) Details

For the article analysis/review, you are to submit an analysis (roughly 1 page and not more than 2 pages in length) of the articles that have been assigned to you. Please note that the article reviews are due on the dates noted in the syllabus.  The articles themselves will be assigned via email to the class. 

The article analyses should include the following elements. You may employ any stylistic elements you wish to make it readable, but you should communicate your points clearly and concisely. Don't just toss a lot of ideas into a document and call it a paper. Everything you include should be trying to communicate to me your overall understanding of the case or article. Section headings where applicable are useful to enhance readability. Please note that correct grammar/spelling, clear communication of your points, and overall readability will go a long way toward determining your mark on the article assignments.   Please note that I have read the articles.  Consequently, DO NOT SIMPLY REGURGITATE THE ARTICLE IN A SHORTER FORMAT.  This would be bad for your mark.  The point is to identify one key point and elaborate it fully.  Some possible ideas for themes on the article write-ups include (but are not limited to):

You may be thinking at this point that you can slop anything together for 1-2 pages.   Do not make this assumption.  1-2 page papers are often harder to write, because you have to make your point clearly and concisely, without a lot of fluff.  Do NOT just toss a bunch of ideas in and call it a paper, as this will impact negatively on your mark.  Find a key point, discuss it fully, and finish it. 

These article reviews are to be submitted on paper at the BEGINNING of class on they day they are due.  The format of the article reviews should be 1 and 1/2-spaced, with a 12-point font, 1-inch margins all-around, page numbers in the lower right-hand corner, and your name and the title of your submission in the upper left-hand corner of the first page (this should be single-spaced).