University of Dayton
School of Business Administration
Winter (Spring), 2009

MBA 660
Information Technology and Systems

Alphabet Soup

This page was last modified on Tuesday March 31, 2009

MIS and related disciplines (e.g. IT) seem to be the producer of many acronyms that at times seem to elude definition.  However, since professionals in the field toss them around so liberally you might want to know what some of them mean.  As a consequence, I've posted a list of acronyms, along with individual students' names.  Your assignment is to take the four acronyms assigned to you, get the definition for each (both what the acronym stands for and what it means in laypersons' terms) and post them to the Alphabet Soup Input Website so your classmates can see them.  The list is below; it is in order sorted by section then by alphabet.  When you post your acronyms, you'll get a message showing what you just input, with a link to return to the form.  You can see everybody's, sorted by acronym and by student last name, (they may or may not be sorted however, because I'm currently having a fight with FrontPage as it keeps dropping my database connection). 

You should find out what the acronym stands for, its definition, and then offer an explanation of what that means - pretend you're trying to explain it to an intelligent novice; just repeating what you read when you looked it up simply won't do. Be advised that simply posting what the acronym stands for will result in a zero on this assignment.  Also be advised that not doing all will result in an appropriate reduction on the assignment. 

One resource that you may use in your search is Acronym Finder, but I'm sure you'll locate others (e.g. MIS texts, the Library, Google, Wikipedia, other sites on the Web).  The acronym finder just gives you the acronym elaborated - for example, WAP = Wireless Applicaiton Protocol.  Next, you'd have to use the web (or other sources) to look up the term and find out what it means.   

You may find multiple meanings for your acronym.  When in doubt, go with the one that seems most IT-profession-related - for example, DSS does NOT mean Digital Satellite System

For example, I have assigned myself WAP and XML.  I've put these acronyms in already; you can see an example of how to post yours by looking them up sorted either by student name or acronym. 

Be certain to input your first and last name; if you get these wrong when you check please re-enter the information.  If I have to dig around for yours because you put your name in wrong your score will be reduced noticeably.  Don't worry if you accidentally submit gobbledygook; just retype the right information and I can always shave out records with errors in them later. 

In short, look up and post FOUR assigned cronyms and their definitions on the website.  The assignment is due on Thursday, April 16, 2009 by 5PM.  Be advised that these definitions will appear on the final in some form, so make sure you don't leave your classmates hanging.  


Acronym or Term Student Assigned   Acronym or Term Student Assigned
ADSL Adams, Richard T.   ADSL Adams, Richard T.
AGP Bertovich, Kimberly L.   CSS Adams, Richard T.
AI DeBord, Andrew E.   GUI Adams, Richard T.
API Desapri, Matthew J.   OLE Adams, Richard T.
ASCII Elliott, Scott E.   AGP Bertovich, Kimberly L.
ASP Guliants, Elena A.   DBA Bertovich, Kimberly L.
ATM Harris, Sarah E.   HTTP Bertovich, Kimberly L.
BASIC Hill, Courtney E.   OLTP Bertovich, Kimberly L.
BNC Imming, James T.   AI DeBord, Andrew E.
BPR Lim, Ena   DDL DeBord, Andrew E.
CDMA Mandurah, Banan   ICANN DeBord, Andrew E.
CGI Mitchell, Austin L.   PBX DeBord, Andrew E.
CICS Perez, Adrian L.   API Desapri, Matthew J.
CISC Printz, William T.   DHTML Desapri, Matthew J.
CMOS Strehle, Joseph M.   IMAP Desapri, Matthew J.
CNA Szytec, Michael W.   PCMCIA Desapri, Matthew J.
CNE Wagner, Christopher S.   ASCII Elliott, Scott E.
COBOL Walsh, Sophia   DFD Elliott, Scott E.
COM Weaver, Alexander J.   ISAM Elliott, Scott E.
CRM Wolking, Daniel E.   USB Elliott, Scott E.
CSCW Yao, Lu   ASP Guliants, Elena A.
CSMA/CD Zeller, Andrew J.   DML Guliants, Elena A.
CSS Adams, Richard T.   ISDN Guliants, Elena A.
DBA Bertovich, Kimberly L.   POP Guliants, Elena A.
DDL DeBord, Andrew E.   ATM Harris, Sarah E.
DFD Elliott, Scott E.   DNS Harris, Sarah E.
DHTML Desapri, Matthew J.   JDBC Harris, Sarah E.
DML Guliants, Elena A.   POS Harris, Sarah E.
DNS Harris, Sarah E.   BASIC Hill, Courtney E.
DSP Hill, Courtney E.   DSP Hill, Courtney E.
DSS Imming, James T.   JPG Hill, Courtney E.
EBCDIC Lim, Ena   URL Hill, Courtney E.
EDI Mandurah, Banan   BNC Imming, James T.
EEPROM Mitchell, Austin L.   DSS Imming, James T.
EISA Perez, Adrian L.   JSP Imming, James T.
EJB Printz, William T.   QBE Imming, James T.
ERD Strehle, Joseph M.   BPR Lim, Ena
ERP Szytec, Michael W.   EBCDIC Lim, Ena
FDDI Wagner, Christopher S.   JVM Lim, Ena
FORTRAN Walsh, Sophia   RAID Lim, Ena
GDSS Weaver, Alexander J.   CDMA Mandurah, Banan
GIF Wolking, Daniel E.   EDI Mandurah, Banan
GIS Yao, Lu   KMS Mandurah, Banan
GPS Zeller, Andrew J.   RISC Mandurah, Banan
GUI Adams, Richard T.   CGI Mitchell, Austin L.
HTTP Bertovich, Kimberly L.   EEPROM Mitchell, Austin L.
ICANN DeBord, Andrew E.   LDAP Mitchell, Austin L.
IMAP Desapri, Matthew J.   RJ45 Mitchell, Austin L.
ISAM Elliott, Scott E.   CICS Perez, Adrian L.
ISDN Guliants, Elena A.   EISA Perez, Adrian L.
JDBC Harris, Sarah E.   MCA Perez, Adrian L.
JPG Hill, Courtney E.   SAP Perez, Adrian L.
JSP Imming, James T.   CISC Printz, William T.
JVM Lim, Ena   EJB Printz, William T.
KMS Mandurah, Banan   MCSE Printz, William T.
LDAP Mitchell, Austin L.   SCM Printz, William T.
MCA Perez, Adrian L.   WAP Salisbury, Dave
MCSE Printz, William T.   XML Salisbury, Dave
MIPS Strehle, Joseph M.   CMOS Strehle, Joseph M.
MPEG Szytec, Michael W.   ERD Strehle, Joseph M.
MTBF Wagner, Christopher S.   MIPS Strehle, Joseph M.
NIC Walsh, Sophia   SCSI Strehle, Joseph M.
OCR Weaver, Alexander J.   CNA Szytec, Michael W.
ODBC Wolking, Daniel E.   ERP Szytec, Michael W.
VOIP Yao, Lu   MPEG Szytec, Michael W.
OLAP Zeller, Andrew J.   SLIP Szytec, Michael W.
OLE Adams, Richard T.   CNE Wagner, Christopher S.
OLTP Bertovich, Kimberly L.   FDDI Wagner, Christopher S.
PBX DeBord, Andrew E.   MTBF Wagner, Christopher S.
PCMCIA Desapri, Matthew J.   SMTP Wagner, Christopher S.
USB Elliott, Scott E.   COBOL Walsh, Sophia
POP Guliants, Elena A.   FORTRAN Walsh, Sophia
POS Harris, Sarah E.   NIC Walsh, Sophia
URL Hill, Courtney E.   SNA Walsh, Sophia
QBE Imming, James T.   COM Weaver, Alexander J.
RAID Lim, Ena   GDSS Weaver, Alexander J.
RISC Mandurah, Banan   OCR Weaver, Alexander J.
RJ45 Mitchell, Austin L.   SQL Weaver, Alexander J.
SAP Perez, Adrian L.   CRM Wolking, Daniel E.
SCM Printz, William T.   GIF Wolking, Daniel E.
SCSI Strehle, Joseph M.   ODBC Wolking, Daniel E.
SLIP Szytec, Michael W.   UML Wolking, Daniel E.
SMTP Wagner, Christopher S.   CSCW Yao, Lu
SNA Walsh, Sophia   GIS Yao, Lu
SQL Weaver, Alexander J.   VOIP Yao, Lu
UML Wolking, Daniel E.   SSL Yao, Lu
SSL Yao, Lu   CSMA/CD Zeller, Andrew J.
TCP/IP Zeller, Andrew J.   GPS Zeller, Andrew J.
WAP Salisbury, Dave   OLAP Zeller, Andrew J.
XML Salisbury, Dave   TCP/IP Zeller, Andrew J.