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London for Families, the popular guide to the family vacation of a lifetime, is now in its second edition.  The first edition sold out completely and spent months in the list of the Top Ten London books at  See what readers have said about London for Families including a lovely letter from a London reader you can find here.

This page includes updates to information in the book since the book was published. For the latest in family travel to London, click on the chapter.

Chapter 1. Planning Is the Key
Chapter 2. Where to Stay
Chapter 3. The Art of Travelling
Chapter 4. Arrival!
Chapter 5. Food, English Style
Chapter 6. Getting Around
Chapter 7. Money Matters
Chapter 8. Living like a Local

Chapter 9. Decisions, Decisions
Chapter 10. Museums
Chapter 11. History and Pageantry
Chapter 12. Music, Theatre, and Art
Chapter 13. Churches, Bridges, and Other Grand Structures
Chapter 14. Parks and Diversions
Chapter 15. Shopping and Street Markets
Chapter 16. Walking Around London, On, Off, and Around the Beaten Track
Chapter 17. Daytrips

Chapter 18. Top Attractions
Chapter 19. Sample Itineraries
Chapter 20. Budget Worksheet

Appendix: Glossary of British Words and Terms

An important note on Telephone Numbers:  The U.K. has changed its telephone numbering system and all London telephone numbers given in the book will change.  Updated telephone numbers are given below.  If you're calling from outside the U.K., dial 20 instead of 020.

Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 11

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Chapter 13

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Chapter 14

Chapter 15

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Comments?  You can contact the authors through these links: Larry Lain or Michael Lain  

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