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So youíre going to Paris!  What a terrific time youíre going to have!  And Iím pleased that youíve decided to take me along Ė or at least my book.  This website is for you, the readers of my book Paris for Families, as a way for me to help keep your copy of the book up to date.  Things can change fast, and Interlink canít bring out a new edition of the book every month.  So as information in the book changes, Iíll post updates, chapter by chapter, right here.


Iíve also included hotlinks to all the websites listed in the World Wide Web Information section at the end of the book so you donít have to type in all those pesky URLs.


Please help me keep this page up to date.  As much as Iíd like to live in Paris, I donít, so might miss some developments from time to time.  If you find anything on your trip that needs updating here, or any links that no longer work, please e-mail me at so I can add it to this page.  In fact, Iíd love to hear from you anyway if you enjoyed the book (or even if you didnít!). 

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About the author and illustrator

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Part I                      Getting Ready for Paris

Chapter 1             Planning the Big Adventure

Chapter 2             Coming Home to Paris

Chapter 3             The Art of Travelling


Chapter 4             Arrival!


Chapter 5             Food, French Style


Chapter 6             Getting Around


Chapter 7             Speaking Francly  

Chapter 8             Living Like a Local


Part II             The Best of Paris

Chapter 9             So Much to See, So Little Time

Chapter 10           Marvelous Structures


Chapter 11           Graves, Ghosts, and Ruins


Chapter 12           Holy Ground


Chapter 13           The Art of Paris


Chapter 14           Parks and Diversions

Chapter 15           Museum Potpourri


Chapter 16           Walking and Shopping


Chapter 17           Days Out


Part III           The Planning Pages

Chapter 18           Top Attractions


Chapter 19           Sample Itineraries


Chapter 20           Budget Worksheets


Appendix              Words to Know


Links to websites in World Wide Web Information



If you enjoyed this book, you might also like Larryís London for Families, London for Lovers, New York City for Families, and The Studentís Guide to London.  Next book in Larryís Family Travel Series will be Washington, D.C., for Families, coming in 2002.


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About the Author

Larry Lain is Professor of Communication at the University of Dayton.  He wrote London for Families with son Michael Lain, London for Lovers with the only possible co-author, Barb Lain, his wife since 1969, and The Studentís Guide to London with UD colleague Jeff Griffin.  Larry's newest addition to his Family Travel Series is New York City for Families.  Next in the series will be Washington, D.C., for Families, available in 2002.  He also has done three books on journalism education.  Larry has a doctorate in mass communication from Ohio State University, a masterís in journalism from Ball State University, and a bachelorís degree in English from Indiana State University.  Family travel with Barb and their three sons, Mike, Rik, and Doug, has been one of the finest parts of Larryís life, something he hopes to enhance for readers of his Family Travel Series.

Illustrator Michael Lain is a webmaster at an university in the Eastern United States.  He also did the illustrations for London and New York City for Families books, and his drawings and caricatures were used by the Dayton public library system from the time he was in elementary school.  He has a degree in linguistics from Miami University.

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