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If you're a reader of The Student's Guide to London, you have come to the right place. On this page you'll find updates to changes that have taken place since the book was published in October 1998, and some other helpful information, too.

About the Book
About the Authors
Comments from Reviewers
Updates to The Student's Guide to London
About the Book: The Student's Guide to London is the first-ever guidebook for anybody thinking about studying -- formally or informally -- in the city that probably attracts more students from more countries than any other city in the world. Accessible and light-hearted, The Student's Guide to London is loaded with advice for students who go to London. While college students will find the book to be indispensable, its insights are equally valuable for high school students and independent adult travelers.

The Student's Guide to London is published by The McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company (ISBN 0-939923-80-7). You may e-mail the authors by clicking on the links below.

Larry Lain ... Jeff Griffin

About the Authors: Larry Lain and Jeff Griffin are on the faculty of the Department of Communication at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Since 1991 they have played key roles in building and teaching in the popular and successful London Communication program. Learn more about Lain and Griffin from their academic Web pages.

Comments from Reviewers: Read what others have had to say about The Student's Guide to London. Reactions have been very good so far! Go here for the Comments page.

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An important note on Telephone Numbers:  Telephone numbers in England have changed  The new area code for London will be 020.  The changes look like this:

     Old Number: (0171) 987 6543 --- is now >> New Number (020) 7987 6543
     Old Number: (0181) 234 5678 --- is now >> New Number (020) 8234 5678

All seven-digit numbers with a 171 area code now have eight digits beginning with 7.  All seven-digit numbers with a 181 area code now have eight digits beginning with 8.  When calling from outside the U.K., do not dial the the first "0" in the area code.

Updates to The Student's Guide to London:
The links below will take you to chapters that have updated information.
Part I -- Questions and Answers
Chapter 1 - Why Would I Want To Leave a Perfectly Comfortable Home and Study in Some Foreign Country?
Chapter 2 - Why Would I Want To Study in London?
Chapter 3 - Do I Have To Give Up a Year of My Life? What Kinds of Programs Are Available?
Chapter 4 - How Do I Fund This Little Academic Adventure?
Chapter 5 - I'm Convinced! How Do I Get Ready?
Chapter 6 - OK, I've Arrived. So What Do I Do Next?
Chapter 7 - Course Work? While I'm in London?
Part II -- In Search of the Head of Jeremy Bentham
Chapter 8 - Art, Architecture, and Music
Chapter 9 - Philosophy and Religion
Chapter 10 - Literature and Theatre
Chapter 11 - Communication
Chapter 12 - Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Law
Chapter 13 - Business and Economics
Chapter 14 - History and Military Science
Chapter 15 - The Physical Sciences
Chapter 16 - Life Sciences and Medicine
Chapter 17 - Engineering, Computer Science, and Math
Chapter 18 - Home Again

Chapter 3 -- Links to Websites:
p.35 - Study Abroad Guide
Chapter 4 -- Links to Websites:
p.47 - Council on International Educational Exchange
p.47 - Loot newspaper (new address)
Chapter 5 --Links to Websites:
p.56 - Yahoo UK
p.56 - Dr. Dave's UK Pages (new address)
p.56 - British Tourist Authority
p.56 - City University Guide
p.56 - London Tourist Board
p.56 - Travelling in the UK
p.57 - London Transport
p.57 - British Rail

Chapter 11 -- (pg 172)  The Museum of the Moving Image is closed for refurbishing, we're sorry to say.  While it's closed (perhaps up to 3 years!) some exhibitions from the museum will be available at the Science Museum (see pg 233) and others will tour the country.  The refurbished museum will have more than 50 percent more exhibition space.

Chapter 15 -- Links to Websites:
p.240 - The Royal Institution

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