SEPTEMBER 20-21, 2002




The Workshop consists of ninety minute sessions; in each of seven sessions, a topic of current interest is discussed.  Each session has a coordinator who will open with an address.  Discussion will follow each address.  An eighth session will run early on Saturday in which an introduction to the calculus on time scales is presented.  This session is intended for those who can benefit from the workshop following such an introduction.

 For refreshments, see Sherman 106.

For sessions, see Sherman 114.


Friday, September 20

3:00 P.M.  Welcome

3:15 P.M.  Qin Sheng, University of Dayton

    Title:  Implications of Analysis on Time Scales to Computation

4:45 P.M., Johnny Henderson, Baylor University

    Title:  Positive Solutions for Dynamic Equations

6:15 P.M.  Dinner/Social (maps and rides will be provided; also see Directions to Eloes House)


Saturday, September 21

8:00 A.M.  Continental Breakfast

8:00 A.M.  Paul Eloe, University of Dayton

    Title:  Introduction to the Calculus on Time Scales

8:30 A.M.  Lynn Erbe, Kirsten Messer, Allan Peterson, University of Nebraska 

    Title: Oscillation Results on Time Scales

10:00  A.M.  Stefan Hilger, Katholische Universitaet Eichstaett

    Title: Partial dynamic equations

11:30 A.M.  Ferhan Atici, Western Kentucky University

    Title:  Lower and Upper Solutions for Boundary Value Problems on Time Scales

1:00 P.M.  Lunch break

2:00 P.M.  Roman Hilscher, Michigan State University

    Title:  Topics on Symplectic Dynamic Equations

3:30 P.M.  Martin Bohner, University of Missouri at Rolla

    Title:  The Exponential Function

5 P.M.  Dinner/Social

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