Registration and Fees:  There is no registration process and there are no fees. 


Hotel Accommodations:  We have reserved University of Dayton Guest Houses for Friday night, September 20 and Saturday night September 21.  Click on University of Dayton Guest Houses information.  We have reserved all houses but one, 1651-A Brown Street.  As you see, you can reserve a twin or double bed.  The entire room must be accounted for but clearly two per room cuts costs.  Please make your reservations through Vicki at Vicki.Seals@notes.udayton.edu.  If you have a roommate please give Vicki the name of the roommate.  If you intend to share a house with folks, please give that information to Vicki.  You can direct questions with respect to housing to either Vicki or Paul.

On Friday evening, following the Friday afternoon sessions, there will be a dinner social at the Eloe's house.  Directions will be given at the Friday sessions or go to Directions to Eloes House.

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