A Structural Examination of Tonality, Vocabulary, Texture,
Sonorities, and Time Organization in Western Art Music



Students who are expecting to enroll in MUS 211 at the University of Dayton are strongly encouraged to complete the projects below, in order to keep analysis and synthesis skills honed and to avoid the accumulation of dust, rust, schmutz, and cobwebs on the brain.

These projects are voluntary, but will be graded and returned. If at least three of the four are adequately completed, the best grade of them will replace the lowest assignment grade in the fall semester of MUS 211.

While it would be optimal to have these done with a computer notation program, they may be completed by hand by printing a hard copy of the assignment from online and adding the three remaining voices. Please be careful to make the hand-written copy neat and legible, and spaced out so it is not crowded. The finished exercise must be standard letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) in portrait view.

To prepare these writing assignments properly, use the notation guidelines appendix, located at Basic Principles of Music Notation, Semester II.

Send the completed project to

Phillip Magnuson
2946 Deweese Parkway
Dayton, Ohio 45414

(Include your address so it can be returned)

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