Sample Project

This sample project for Impressionism is not intended to be a complete set of directions on how to do the assignment. Its purpose is to provide some information on how to approach the task. The sample project given is not necessarily complete, and there are many ways to arrive at the end product. Do not use any of choices found below.

  1. Begin by selecting a tonality (in this case, A) and a mode (in this case, Dorian), and writing an appropriate melody in an Impressionistic style. Use a compound meter, and create appropriate cross-rhythms. Be sure to include a cadence to terminate the phrase (in this case, a cadence with a 3rd relationship).

  2. Supply pedal points to confirm the tonic (in this case, "A" to support the tonic). Provide support for the cadence.

  3. Add planing to the melody (in this case, quartal triads).

  4. Add an ostinato (in this case, the bottom staff). There must be at least three statement of the ostinato to qualify.

  5. Add some whole-tone scale embellishment (in this case, at the end of the phrase, which might provide a bridge to the next phrase).

  6. Complete the project with tempo (given with a metronome marking), mood (given with descriptive words), dynamics, and articulations.

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