Chapter 31. The 123's of Musical Graphing

Analysis Project 1

Describe the phrase design and provide a Roman numeral analysis and Schenkerian graph for the example below (print a copy of this graphic first).

The next few pages will guide you through this exercise.

Beethoven: Sonata, op.2, no.3

Step 1: Describe the phrase design: this is a standard 4-measure phrase, with a half cadence.

Step 2: Provide a Roman numeral analysis. Go to answer after you finish.

Analysis 2. Haydn: Trio, Hob. XV:3
Analysis 3. Beethoven: Sonata, op.7
Analysis 4. Mozart: Sonata, K.281
Analysis 5. Mozart: Sonata, K.310
Analysis 6. Beethoven: Minuet
Analysis 7. Haydn: Sonatina, Hob. XVI:1
Analysis 8. Mozart: Waltz. K.567
Analysis 9. Beethoven: Sonata, op.14, no.2
Analysis 10. Mozart: Sonata, K.283
Analysis 11. Mozart: Sonata, K.330
Analysis 12. Haydn: Sonata, Hob. XVI:34
Final Project

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