University of Dayton
School of Business Administration

MBA 667A
Business Intelligence

MBA In-Class Case Analysis Presentation/Demonstration


As part of the MBA students' class additional requirement over the undergraduate course (since you're getting graduate credit for the course) this assignment serves a purpose that is somewhat different from that of the other assignments you will encounter in this class.  This assignment is to be completed by a team.

The aim of this assignment is for you to provide your analytical expertise to a case situation, then share this with the undergraduate students (and/or the other MBA students) in terms of teaching a case to the course.  

I will be assigning a case, which may be located on Teradata University Network

You will read and analyze this case, making a presentation that describes the issues and challenges contained therein.  The analysis and presentation will include (but not be limited to) addressing the questions provided at the end of the case.  The undergraduate students will also read the case in preparation for class that day.  


There are two deliverables: a presentation to the class on the day and time specified (last day of class) to provide an overview and highlight the important aspects of the cases and addressing the questions, and a 5-page (2x spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins) paper providing greater background and depth of your analysis.  The paper will be provided to me in electronic format so it can be printed to an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file and posted on the class website, along with your slides. 


Each presentation will be held on the day of class specified in the syllabus. The presentation should run approximately 20 minutes. Please remember that taking excessive time over the presentation will result in your losing points on the assignment. 


The presentation will be worth 60% of the mark, and the paper 40%. 

The presentation grade will be comprised of a grade component for each of the COVERAGE items detailed above, as well as a component for the professionalism of the presentation (organization, style, etc.). For each of the COVERAGE items, you will be graded on the basis of completeness, accuracy, and understanding.

The presentation grade will be subdivided into two primary components: your ability to communicate the information effectively to and engage the other members of the class, and your professionalism (which includes, but is not restricted to, your ability to avoid reading from a prepared script).

The paper will be marked as to many of the same things as the presentation; I will be looking for coverage, depth, clear and concise writing, and professional formatting (headings, complete references, etc.).  

This assignment is due on the day defined in the course syllabus.