Laura and Dave - June 19, 2004

United In Marriage

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PLEASE NOTE:  Although we neglected to mention this on the invitations,


This site will be a repository of general information for those interested in attending the wedding of Ms. Laura Sturgill, and Dr. (but not the kind that helps people) Dave Salisbury.  Below you'll find information about things like church location, gift registries, hotels in and around the wedding site (Bowling Green, Ohio) and also a picture of the happy couple.  First off, here's the picture.   

Laura and Dave (August, 2003) in front of the Athabasca Glacier, part of the Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada (we stopped briefly on our way inside the visitors center for this picture).  A day or so before this picture was taken, Dave proposed, and, more importantly, Laura said "yes".  Anybody who can bear up under a speed trip out west with me is a keeper, and two highway shifts of 18 hours plus (!) confirmed Laura as a definite keeper. 

Useful (hopefully) things to know about the wedding

Date, Time and Location

The wedding will take place on Saturday, June 19, 2004 at 11:30 AM.  The location is Bowling Green, Ohio, just off I-75 and 1/2 way between Dayton, Ohio (Dave) and Flint, Michigan (Laura).  The Church is St. Mark's Lutheran (Garrison Keillor would be so pleased), and the reception will be held in their family life center immediately after the ceremony.  Dave Smetana, a pastor at Oxford Bible Fellowship, Oxford, Ohio will officiate. 

AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE:  Although we neglected to mention this on the invitations, CHILDREN ARE WELCOME AT BOTH THE WEDDING AND THE RECEPTION


The easiest way to find St. Mark's is to use MapQuest.  Simply click the link below and input your home address for directions.  The maps tend to be accurate, but do be aware of two things.  First, MapQuest tends to be somewhat conservative with their estimates about how fast a trip can be made (i.e. over-estimating the time), although they are getting somewhat better.  In the past, Dave has found that for every 8 hours MapQuest says, one could reasonably subtract 1 hour.  Your results may vary.  Second, for those thinking of driving from Calgary, MapQuest suggests taking US 52 all the way to Jamestown and getting on I-94 there (for those not intimately familiar with the North-Central U.S., this is in North Dakota).  Dave's experience suggests that the earlier one gets on I-94 the better, so he usually takes U.S. 83 south from Minot and gets on I-94 in Bismarck. U.S. 83 from Minot to Bismarck also has the advantage of being mostly 4-lane.  One last thing about the maps - they are zoomable for close-in detail on the location:

St. Mark's Lutheran Church
315 South College Drive
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

Where to stay

There are a few local hotels within a mile or three of the church, and hotels in Toledo would be only about 20 miles away.  You can check AnyWho, Expedia, or Travelocity to find one.  The "official" hotel (i.e. the one where Dave set aside a block of rooms) is:

Quality Inn of Bowling Green
1630 East Wooster Street
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

Phone: 419-352-2521
Fax: 419-353-5975 

Click the address link to get MapQuest directions.  The rate is $55.00 per night, and 50 (or so) rooms have been reserved.  The block reservation was set to go pumpkin on May 15, 2004, but it's now been changed to May 22, 2004.  After this (now very firm) date, we can't guarantee you'll find anything (although we'd be pretty surprised if you couldn't).   Another reason to reserve on the block is that for every 15 rooms reserved we get one free. 


Just in case you're interested, principal photography will be done by Debbie LeClere Photography of Dayton, Ohio.  We'll be getting pictures (yuck) taken before the wedding, so folks don't have to hang around waiting on us to show up at the reception.   She'll be putting all pictures taken that day on a website where those interested may purchase them, and the URL for this will be provided in the near future.  Unlike some photographers that will NOT be at the wedding (oh, we can tell some really good stories), Debbie is only too happy to let anybody who would like to shoot pictures do so - just try not to knock her down or something.  Debbie will also be taking candid shots of various people at the wedding.  If she takes a picture of you and you like it, please feel free to purchase it from Debbie.   

Gift registry

To assist anybody who might wish to give a gift, we've registered some things we could use.  Those who wish to shop online can do so at (this is a direct link to our registry there) or (go to the "gift registries" tab and follow the instructions), but for those who like the traditional bricks and mortar experience, the Target registry can be used by simply going to your friendly neighborhood Target (a list can be picked up at a kiosk at customer service).  The virtual and physical Target registries are linked together so when you by at the store, it comes off the on-line registry and vice versa.   If you don't like any of the options on the registry sites but would like to get us something we can use, please be advised that we are remodeling the kitchen this summer ;-) (hint, hint...)

Cool things to do nearby

Some of you have indicated that you'd like to use this event as an excuse to take a bit of a vacation.  In addition to the usual shopping stuff that one can do near any city of any size, here's a list of sites for cool things that one can do while in Ohio.  We'll be adding more items as we think of them - for one, Laura's complaining about the lack of shopping information.  Did we mention that CHILDREN ARE WELCOME AT BOTH THE WEDDING AND THE RECEPTION?