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Race, HealthCare and the Law

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Vernellia R. Randall
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The Race, Health Care and the Law  is dedicated to improving the health status of persons who are discriminated against based on race and/or ethnicity (with specific attention on African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino (a) Americans, Native Americans, and Pacific Americans).  We approach this goal  by helping legislators, policy makers, lawyers, health care professionals and consumers examine race, health and human rights; with particular attention on the role of domestic and international law in promoting and/or eliminating racial disparities in health status and health care.

Race, Health Care and the Law 

  • provides education

  • conducts research

  • performs policy analysis and 

  • disseminates information 

We participate in local, state, national and international dialogue on health care and human rights for ethnic Americans and racial minorities around the world. 


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Always Under Construction!


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