Bioterrorism, Public Health and the Law 
Law 801: Health Care Law Seminar
Professor Vernellia R. Randall

Is Bioterrorism a Real Threat?


Lesson Schedule
00: Intro to the Course
01: Intro to the Problem
02: Public Health System
03: Real Threat?
04: Public Health Law
05: Disease-Reporting
06: Quarantine
07: Model Act
08: Military Presence
09: Health Law Revisited


bulletA Clear and Present Danger?
bulletDual Use or Poor Excuse?
bullet Deaths and Illness - A Comparartive Analysis
bulletThe Potential Use of Bioterrorism in the United States
bulletEmerging Public Health Disease and Public Health
bulletBioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness
bulletNovick and Marr, Public Health Issues in Disaster Preparedness (2001) 
bulletLinda Young, et. al., Roles and Responsibilities of Public Health in Disaster Preparedness and Response,   p. 1-52 (Handout) 
bulletLeonard Cole, Bioterrorism Threats: Learning from Inappropriate Responses, p. 64-73 (Handout) 
bulletRichard J. Gallo and Dyan Campbell, Bioterrorism: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Health Departments, in Disaster Preparedness: Focus on Bioterrorism, Llolyld Novick and John Marr (eds.), p. 111-116 (2001) (Handout)
Other Resources:
Bioterroism and Public Health
Biological Agents
Dual Use or Poor Excuse?
CDC Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response
Will Bioterrorism Reshape Global Public Health?
Bioterrorism - A Renewed Public Health Threat
A Clear and Present Danger?
Deaths and Illness--A Comparative Analysis
The Requirements to Produce Biological Agents by Non-State Groups
Potential of Use of Biological Weapons in the United States
WHO Recommendations for Dealing with Bioterrorism
Emerging Infectious Disease and Public Health (pdf)
Facts about Biological Agents  
bulletIs that an Epidemic -- Or a Terrorist Attack?; Bioterrorism Is the Least of Our Worries. J.B. Tucker. New York Times. Editorial. October 16, 1999
bulletCenters for Disease Control and Prevention. Biological and Chemical Terrorism: Strategic Plan for Preparedness and Response. Recommendations of the CDC Strategic Planning Workgroup. MMWR 2000;49(No. RR-4):[inclusive page numbers].
bulletSmallpox as a Biological Weapon: Medical and Public Health Management. D.A. Henderson, et al. JAMA 281(22): 2127-2137 (1999)
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