Bioterrorism, Public Health and the Law 
Law 801: Health Care Law Seminar
Professor Vernellia R. Randall

Lesson Schedule


Lesson Schedule
00: Intro to the Course
01: Intro to the Problem
02: Public Health System
03: Real Threat?
04: Public Health Law
05: Disease-Reporting
06: Quarantine
07: Model Act
08: Military Presence
09: Health Law Revisited



Aug 27 Introduction to Course and Paper Requirement
Sep  3 Introduction to the Problem (CLASS STARTS AT 8:30am - Please be ontime.)
Sep 10 Public Health System
Sep 17 Is Bioterrorism a Real Threat?
Speaker: Mike Phillips, Montgomery County
Speaker: Santosh Kumar, Ohio State
Sep 24 Public Health Law and Bioterrorism

Public Health Emergencies in Ohio - A Legal Analysis
Speaker: Jodi Govern, Ohio Dept. of Health

Oct  1 No class (Work on Paper)
Oct  8 No class (Work on Paper)
Oct 15 Public Health and  Police Powers

The Responsibility and Liability of Public Health Agencies During an Emergency/ Disease Reporting as a Tool for Determining Bioterrorism Preparedness
Speaker: Heather Horton, CDC Staff Attorney

Oct 22 Quarantine/ The Model Public Health Act

Speaker: , James Mishira, CDC Staff Attorney

Oct 29 Military Presence and Public Health 
Nov  5 Public Health Law Revisited 
Nov 12 No Class (Work on Paper)
Nov 19 No Class (Work on Paper)
Nov 26 No Classes - Friday Schedule
Dec  3 Paper Reports/ Course Evaluation  (CLASS STARTS AT 8:30am - Please be ontime.)
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