Tobacco, Health and the Law

Health Care Law Seminar - Law 801
Professor Vernellia R. Randall
The University of Dayton Law School

bullet Syllabus
bullet Introduction
bullet Cigarettes and Health
bullet Tobacco and Native Americans 
bullet Targeting of Children, Women and Minorities
bullet Laws, Regulations and Litigation
bullet Settlement Agreements
bullet Proposed Laws, Regulation and Litigation
bullet Marketing to Third World Countries
Professional Websites
bullet Race, Health Care and the Law
bullet Race and Racism in American Law
bullet Gender and the Law
bullet Students, Learning and Legal Education


Course Description

This past year has resulted in historic state settlements with tobacco companies and historic ligation wins by plaintiffs. Will these settlements/litigation wins result in better control of tobacco hazards? This seminar will explore the current state of tobacco marketing, laws, regulation and litigation. The product of this seminar will be a draft of a co-authored paper which analyzes state efforts post settlement to address issues of targeting of Children, Women and Minorities. Each student will research the status of settlement efforts in selected states and write a thorough scholarly analysis about those efforts. As a part of the class participation, you will provide critical critique of each other's work. We will then publish our analysis. For the result of a similar class project see: Section 1115 Medicaid Waivers: Critiquing the State Applications 26 Seton Hall L. Rev. 1069 (1996).  This paper was co authored with seven students: Sally Giess, Gabrielle Boller, Cornelia Tinkler, Shalonda Bayless, Andrew Romero, Stacey Henry, Charles Whipple. Since publication it has been cited in six law review articles.

Pre-requisite: Health Care Law or Permission of the Instructor

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