Lesson 04
Targeting of Children, 
Women and Minorities 

Tobacco, Health and the Law
Professor Vernellia R. Randall
The University of Dayton Law School

bullet Syllabus
bullet Introduction
bullet Cigarettes and Health
bullet Tobacco and Native Americans 
bullet Targeting of Children, Women and Minorities
bullet Laws, Regulations and Litigation
bullet Settlement Agreements
bullet Proposed Laws, Regulation and Litigation
bullet Tobacco and the Third World Countries
Professional Websites
bullet Race, Health Care and the Law
bullet Race and Racism in American Law
bullet Gender and the Law
Students, Learning and Legal Education

Reading Assignment

bullet Tobacco Industry's Targeting of Youth, Minorities and
bullet Smoking in Movies
bullet Reel them in
bullet Domestic Cigarette Advertising and Promotional Expenditures---United States, 1963-1994
bullet Comparison of Advertising to Brand Preference in Adolescents and Adults---1993
bullet Federal Trade Commission's Cigarette Sales and Advertising Report to Congress, 1996
bullet Aggressive Advertizing and the Law
bullet American Landscape Changes As Tobacco Billboards Come Down
Children and Teenagers
bullet Teenage Girls As The Target Of The Tobacco Industry Fact Sheet
bullet Tobacco and Advertizing
bullet How Tobacco Ads Target Pierce County Kids
bullet Restricting Tobacco Advertizing to Young People
bullet The ABCs at the FTC: Marketing and Advertising to Children
bullet Joe Camel Advertising Campaign Violates Federal Law, Ftc Says
bullet Tobacco Marketing to Young People: a Key Expansion Marke
bullet Smoking, Advertising and Youth - Facts
bullet RJR Documents Show Company Targeted Kids
bullet Outrageous Facts About Tobacco Advertising 
bullet Tobacco Companies Flooding Mailboxes With Direct Mail
bullet RJR SECRET:  Planning Assumptions and  Forecast for the Period 1977-86+ for R.J.  Reynolds Tobacco Company, See page 14.
bullet Study Of Tobacco/Alcohol Use in Children's Films Helps Foster Acceptance
bullet Tobacco Marketing to Kids
bullet New Study Shows Kids Still Being Pursued By Tobacco Companies


bullet The Effect of Focused Advertising on Ethnic Communities, Annotated Bibliography, Melissa Duke Jones
bullet The Targeting of Black America: Quotes from Selected Tobacco IndustryDocuments 
bullet Smoking, the African American Community, and The Proposed Tobacco Settlement  (An Essay) 
bullet Tobacco Firms Aims at Minorities
bullet Superman II: Lois Lane lights up

Movies (on Reserve in the Library)

  • Ad Libbing It
  • Pack of Lies, the Advertising of Tobacco 
  • Teens: Through the Eyes of Big Tobacco

  • Resources
    bullet The Misleading Camel's Ad
    bullet Alcohol and Tobacco Frequently Aim at Minorities, Women and Children
    bullet Influence of Tobacco Marketing and Exposure to Smokers on Adolescent Susceptibility to Smoking," Journal of  the National Cancer Institute, October, 1995 ( A published study found that teens are more likely to be influenced to smoke by cigarette advertising than they are by peer pressure.


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    Superman II: Lois Lane lights up. In fifty years of comic book appearnces, Lois Lane never
      smoked. For a reported payment of $42,000, the company purchases 22 exposures of the Marlboro logo in the movie  featuring the children's comic book hero, and Lois Lane, strong role model for teenage girls, gets a Marlboro pack on her desk and begins chain smoking Marlboro Lights. At one point in the film, a character is tossed into a van with a large  Marlboro sign on its side, and in the climactic scene the superhero battles amid a maze of Marlboro billboards before   zooming off in triumph, leaving in his wake a solitary taxi with a Marloro sign on top. The New York State Journal of  Medicine published an article titled "Superman and the Marlboro Woman: The Lungs of Lois Lane." Thoughout the 80s,   "Superman II" is frequently re-run on TV in prime time