Minutes of Meeting

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Date: August 10, 2003

Location: Campbellstown United Church of Christ; Lillian's Church near Eaton

Meeting Topic: Picnic and a sharing "Why I am a ______"

Host: Lillian Gillespie

Members: 9

A Line from Lillian


            The August meeting, a picnic at my place on August 10, was small in attendance, but rich in sharing.  Nine people were there:  Connie Breen, Wally Ceyak, Shirley Flacks, Lillian Gillespie, Agnes and Eugene Hannah, Jack Kelley, Xavier Monasterio, and Bill Youngkin. 

            After eating the plenteous food offerings (all delicious), we joined in a wonderful time of sharing.  Each person completed the phrase “Why I am a [whatever faith identification applies]”.  There were stories of faith beginnings, of doubt, of affirmation, and of ongoing search.  I wish more could have attended and joined in the sharing.


            As a way of looking forward to the future, several discussions have taken place regarding the structure of the leadership team and a nominations committee has been formed.  Even though the installation of any new officers will not take place until next May, the committee will begin work as their busy schedules allow.  The members are: Bill Youngkin (Chair), Shirley Flacks, and Judie Griffiths.  One suggestion made was that we stagger the terms of the officers, so that we would not have total turnover at the same time, as was the case in 2002.  I will be bringing this up for discussion at a meeting this fall.

            We have some great programs coming up this fall.  Please check the schedule in this newsletter.  I especially want to encourage you to mark your calendars now for our Fall retreat, to be held at the Bergamo Center on November 9.  We will gather at 1:30, and the program will be from 2pm ‘til 5:30 pm.  We will end our time there with a 6pm meal.  Watch and listen for more details.

            Continue in prayer for an end to violence and a beginning to peace.

            Blessings and Shalom, Lillian

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