Minutes of Meeting

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Date: September 14, 2003

Location: Univ. of Dayton Alumni Hall Room 101

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Curran, President, University of Dayton

Hosts: Rev. and Mrs. Bill Youngkin

Members: 31; Guests: 3

Thank You

 Thank you, Dr. Curran, for giving your valuable time to present the DCJD with such a remarkably pleasant and thought provoking evening.

 Thanks goes to Rev. and Mrs. Bill Youngkin, who provided the delicious snacks.

Dr. Curran's Presentation

Dr. Daniel Curran, President of the University of Dayton, spoke to the Dayton Christian Jewish Dialogue at the September meeting. He opened the topic of the history that both Jews and Catholics share regarding experiences of intolerance from the communities in which they have lived.

He said that today’s university students don’t hear often enough that it wasn’t this easy for their grandparents. And he wants students to come to the realization that UD is an “insulated” environment, that many people in the rest of the world, outside of the borders of the campus, are still victimized and suffering in many ways. In his inauguration speech, Dr. Curran said that he had urged students to “get off the porch” and to become involved in addressing critical issues for individuals and communities, beginning in Dayton and reaching outward globally.

The results have made him proud of the UD students returning from service trips to such places as Burma and other countries, as well as to communities closer to home.

The DCJD group ended the evening in true dialogue, discussing topics such as how to educate students in individual courage, and also some of the negative connotations and limitations of the widely used word “tolerance”. Ken spoke about tolerance as being an effect, not a cause in itself…that interreligious engagement is one activity that brings about the effect of tolerance and the embracing of others who are different from oneself in culture, religion or ethnicity. Dr. Curran said that change is “do-able” but that it takes commitment.

Respectfully Submitted,

Donna Bealer, Secretary

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