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Travel with people you care about is one of the great joys in life, discovering exciting new things about the world and about each other.  I'd like to be your guide to some of the places I enjoy most, especially destinations that are ideal for families.  In each book, I'll show you not only the usual tourist attractions, but lead you to special places visitors seldom find, and tell you everything you need to know about how to save money, how to find reasonably priced transportation and accommodation, and how to Live Like a Local in your home away from home.  I provide a separate web page of updates for each travel book; just click on the red box.

-- Larry

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The Family Travel Series

Newest Title:  Boston for Families

Boston is one of the greatest family holiday destinations in the United States, most famously because it was here that the Revolutionary War began.  This is truly the birthplace of the country. The city is filled with landmarks, buildings, walks, and vistas that hearken back to the nation's earliest days.  Boston also places a premium on culture, offering art, music, literature, and theater at the highest levels.  And few cities have so many attractions that appeal to children of all ages.  This book is your complete guide for a family holiday you will never forget.  Everything you need is here:  how to get to Boston, where to stay, what to eat, and reviews of more than a hundred can't-miss family attractions and day trips. 

Boston for Families by Larry Lain, Illustrated by Michael Lain.  Interlink Books, ISBN 1-56656-586-3


London for Families, 3rd ed.

City of Henry VIII, city of Shakespeare, city of ... Your Family!  We've never had a better time anywhere, and we'll show you how to make this trip of a lifetime not only possible, but economical.  This is my best seller and it must be good - I've even seen window displays of this book in bookstores in London!  

London for Families by Larry Lain and Michael Lain.

Interlink Books, ISBN 1-56656-534-0     

Paris for Families, 2nd ed.

Breathtaking, unforgettable Paris - What a place for a memorable family holiday.!  Everything you need is in this book: the important sites, places you'd never have thought about, even how to become comfortable as a temporary Parisian, even if you don't speak a word of French. It's received great reviews even in the French press.

Paris for Families by Larry Lain. Interlink Books.

ISBN 1-56656-535-9    

Washington DC for Families

This was the destination for the first major Lain family trip.  The kids loved it and we did, too.  So will your family.  Here's all the information you need to go to the head of the line at the most popular attractions, and how to find spectacular sites no one else knows about.

Washington DC for Families by Larry Lain.  Interlink Books.

ISBN 1-56656-471-9    

New York City for Families

This is the most influential city on the planet, and a must-see for your family.  Before I began going there, I thought the city was over-hyped, but it's not.  It's densely packed with an incredible variety of fun and affordable things to delight every member of your family.

New York City for Families by Larry Lain. Interlink Books.

ISBN 1-56656-391-7    

Other Travel Books

London for Lovers

Experience the romance of one of the world's greatest cities.  Whether you're traveling on a shoestring or the sky's the limit, we'll take you to the best hotels, most memorable restaurants, and most romantic corners of this ancient city.

London for Lovers by Larry and Barb Lain. Interlink Books.  ISBN 1-56656-345-3


The Student's Guide to London

Whether you plan to study for a week or a year, we'll show you how to find a suitable and affordable program, and will lead you to the highlights associated with your area of study.  It's even great for people who aren't students!

The Student's Guide to London by Larry Lain and Jeff Griffin. McDonald & Woodward Publishing. ISBN 0-939923-80-7


Books about Journalism

Journalism Kids Do Better

Extensive research into important aspects of journalism education.  Journalism Kids Do Better by Jack Dvorak, Larry Lain & Tom Dickson.  ERIC/Edinfo Press.  Apparently Out of Print


ASK: The Advertising Survival Kit

The leading resource for managing financial affairs for scholastic publications.  In print for more than 30 years.  ASK: The Advertising Survival Kit, 2nd ed. by Larry Lain.  Quill & Scroll Society.

The UD Hendrix 3400 Editing System:  An Orientation and Applications Handbook

A guide to the University of Dayton's former journalism computer system.  Written by Larry Lain and Ted Pease.  Out of Print

About my collaborators:  Barb Lain (co-author and illustrator of London for Lovers; illustrator of Washington DC for Families) has been my wife since before most people in the world were born.  And it's not nearly long enough.  Michael Lain (co-author and illustrator of London for Families, illustrator of Paris, New Your City, and Boston for Families) is the oldest of our three sons.  Jeff Griffin (co-author of The Student's Guide to London) is my colleague at the University of Dayton and frequent teaching partner in London.  His wife, Ewa Pietroczuk, illustrated the book.  Co-authors of my journalism books include Jack Dvorak, who is professor of journalism at Indiana University, and Tom Dickson, who is professor of journalism at Southwest Missouri State University.  Ted Pease is professor of journalism at Utah State University.


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