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RELIGION 103  Introduction to the Study of Religion
Summer Study at Home, 2004, 


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Be sure you are able to get the books you need. Because some of them are textbooks, your home library might not have copies of them. For cheap copies I recommend or or some other online bargain source. But be sure to get the 2003 edition of In the Presence of Mystery. [The U.D. bookstore will have copies of this.]  It has a red and blue sunset cover, not the older green and gold seashore cover.

Be realistic about what you can expect to accomplish studying at home. If you have a job or will be distracted by the seashore or mountains, you will need to set up a good schedule for yourself (see the link at the left on schedule suggestions).  If you are not a UD student you can sign for for grade option #2, Satisfactory or No Credit.  To get a "Satisfactory" you need do only the "C" level work.  (Non-UD students who start out with a contract for a grade (option#1) can switch to option #2 up until May 14.)

The reports on the chapters of the main text will ordinarily have to be about a full single-spaced page for each chapter (as well as the introduction and epilogue). If you intend to work for an "A" you should think in terms of a page and a half per chapter to allow for more thorough analysis.

In the summer time teachers have erratic schedules also, with a brief vacation and a conference or two out of town. My intention is to review the reports that have been sent in on Monday and Thursday of each week and to send out any notes to you after this.  But the course stretches out over most of the summer, and during some weeks I may not be in town to be able do this easily.