The University of Dayton.     
RELIGION 103  Introduction to the Study of Religion
Summer Study at Home, 2004 

Rel 103 is a
Humanities Base Course   
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The Humanities Base is the set of first year courses for the General Education Program at the University of Dayton.  Here are the official goals for the HB:
  • Students will begin to develop and formulate their own conception of what it means to be human.
  • Students will understand how the humanities disciplines ultimately constitute an integrated pursuit of the same goals.
  • Faculty and students will form a community of learners through the examination of selected texts and common themes.
  • Students will develop a more critical understanding of Western culture and will be introduced to the richness of non-Western civilizations.
  • Students will develop general level competencies in reading, writing, and information literacy in conjunction with the Competency Program

There are four themes used to describe aspects of what it means to be human.
      1.  Autonomy and responsibility -- being an individual self
      2.  Self and society --  dependent on a community
      3.  Humankind and nature -- human impact upon the environment
      4.  Faith and reason -- issues of relation to the transcendent or ultimate