Sample Project

This sample project for Serialism is not intended to be a complete set of directions on how to do the assignment. Its purpose is to provide some information on how to approach the task. The sample project given is not necessarily complete, and there are many ways to arrive at the end product. Do not use any of the choices found below.

  1. Begin by creating a row.

  2. Create a matrix for this row.

  3. Choose which rows to use. In this case, rows with combinatorial features (complementary hexachords), and which begin and end on similar pitches.

    Top partBottom partFirst pitchLast pitchCombinatoriality
    P 0I 7 E / BBb / Fcomplementary hexachords
    R 6RI 1E / BBb / Fcomplementary hexachords

  4. Choose instruments, and distribute the pitches in approximate relation to occurance.

  5. Add a variety of registers, rhythms, and meters.

  6. Complete the project with tempo (given with a metronome marking), mood (given with descriptive words), dynamics, and articulations.

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