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Race, Racism and the Law 
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Slave Trade and Slavery

NGO Forum, World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination
Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, Durban, South Africa, August 27-Sept 1, 2001

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70. Recognising that the Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Saharan and Trans-Indian Ocean slave trade and slavery constitute crimes against humanity and were based on economic exploitation, doctrines of racial supremacy and racial hatred and have subjected Africans and African descendants, Indigenous Peoples and many others to the most horrific denigration of their being including classification as sub-humans and chattel, subjugation to rape, forced labour, branding, lashings, murder, maiming, destruction of their languages, cultures, psychological and spiritual well-being resulting in structural subordination which continues to the present.

Programme of Action

233. We demand that educational curricula reflect the accurate historical experiences of both the victims and the perpetrators of the Trans Atlantic SlaveTrade, Trans-Saharan and Trans-Indian Ocean Slave Trade, Slavery and Colonialism.

234. Therefore, we call for the establishment of an international tribunal within one year to document the character and extent of harm derived from the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, Trans-Saharan and Trans-Indian Ocean Slave Trade, slavery and colonialism which are crimes against humanity.

235. Urge governments in Cameroon, Mauritania, Niger and Sudan that engage in any form of slavery to eradicate this practice. In particular, laws abolishing traditional slavery should include reparations for the victims of these violations. Criminal sanctions should be imposed on perpetrators of these crimes. States should recognize the human rights of these victims, including their political, social, economic, cultural and civil rights.

236. We demand that the United States, Canada, and those European and Arab nations that participated in and benefited from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, the Trans-Sahara Slave Trade, the Trans-Indian Ocean Slave Trade, Slavery and the Colonization of Africa, within one year of the WCAR establish an international compensatory mechanism for victims of these crimes against humanity.

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