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 Statement by a number of Iranian women’s non-governmental organizations addressed to the UN Secretary General in condemnation of the U.S. military attacks on Afghanistan


Wide military transfer from one side of the world to the other side, due to recent events, suggests that there will be a serious crisis threatening the lives of millions of people in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Considering the ambiguity in the concept of terrorism, which may be easily misused against enemies, the need for an attempt by the UN in order to clarifying such terms is generally required.

Your Excellency Secretary General!  While chanting the slogan of combating terrorism, the U.S.  government is in fact expanding it.  Therefore, it is quite necessary to ponder on the roots of terrorism before the military and political presence of the U.S. could have been permanently incorporated in the Asian region due to such an excuse.

How can the world’s different nations believe that the U.S.  – the main supporter of the Zionist terrorist regime of Israel which has been massacring, terrorizing and kidnapping in the occupied Palestine and Lebanon for over 50 years – could be the flag-bearer of anti-terrorism movement?

The U.S.  bombardments on innocent, homeless and hungry people of Afghanistan, as an excuse to annihilate a couple of suspected terrorists, have neither legal nor moral justification.  Is it possible for any country to invade others and create global unrest?

Your Excellency Secretary General!  The lives of people are of the same value-no matter in Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya or New York.  The claim to be fighting terrorism-and of course ,in a discriminative manner – in order to threaten other nations’ security, should be condemned.  Do we still believe in a ‘superior race’ after all these numerous seminars and conferences against racism and racial discrimination, the most recent of which was held in Durban a few months ago?

How can all these crucial and violent attacks and bombardments be explained by the so-called civilized states in the year of Dialog among Civilizations?  Are they not some organized crimes?  Is it in accordance with the international laws to have medical centers and hospitals bombarded, and consequently murdered hundreds of men, women and children?  Which punishments has the UN provided for violating such laws?

Despite all strict censorship enforced in international media, independent-minded people have found out the reality.  We are everyday witnessing millions of people demonstrating all over the world, even in New York, beseeching the stop of war and establishment of a sustainable peace based on justice.

Your Excellency Secretary General!  Today, all international bodies’ authorities, including your Excellency, have to feel responsible for the whole world’s conscience.  It is not enough to just expressing regret in such circumstances!  The human society is in dire need of stronger executive and practical considerations.  The crises initiated in the corners of the world are not only harmful to the oppressed nations but also create problems for the whole world.  The chief duty of the international institutions such as UN is to have the rights of those nations who have most suffered from the oppression of superpowers – economically, politically and culturally – observed.

Security Council that acts rapidly when it comes to making decisions for launching attacks, should also manage to make provisions to prevent such encounters, which are unfortunately remaining unsolved, as it is the case for Palestine, Bosnia, Afghanistan, etc.

It is due time to inspect the role of the UN to see whether it represents the whole world community or just obeys the decision-makers of the Security Council?  Will we again observe the silence of the UN, which proves its inefficiency, subservience and discriminative behavior once again?  Is it the UN’s only duty to settle dates and issue some statements on the world child day, the day of youth, women’s day, human rights, etc.?

In any case, this responsibility has to be taken by your Excellency for the time being.  It is the history that will judge forever.  Truthful stands and courageous decisions will make your esteemed name remain, which is in fact worthier than hundreds of Nobel prizes.

We, a number of Iranian women’s NGOs, demand an immediate stop of military attacks on innocent Afghan people and exit of alien forces from the Middle East region.

  1. Muslim Women Researchers Org 

  2. Muslim Women Followers of Ahlul-Bait

  3. Association of Women Admirers of Peace and Social Justice

  4. Islamic Revolution Women’s Association