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 M. Quinn


On January 13, 2008 during the Chris Wallace show; Juan Williams of National Public Radio cited, that the Clinton campaign - this includes former President Bill Clinton has invoked the race card into the '2008 Presidential race.

Williams  cited that:


"The Clinton's are attempting to remind America that Barack is still a black man". (Close quote)

What Juan Williams was alluding to, beyond question, was Senator Hillary Clinton's comments that even though that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had immense oratory ability (such as Barack Obama); that one of the primary reasons that the civil rights movement was successful, was not because of Dr. King's ability to deliver a message, nor his steadfastness in the fight for racial justice, but was predicated primarily on President Lyndon B. Johnson actions when he signed the 1965 Civil Rights Voting Act into law.

The implications by Senator Clinton are explicitly and categorically racially charged; meaning that, African Americans can only succeed within the framework of American society at the assistance of Caucasian Americans.

This kind of nefarious thinking is utterly absurd for any presidential candidate that wishes to lead the United States of America down the right path for the 21st century. In fact, this kind of contaminated and off-centered thinking has always been deeply rooted in the notion of racial supremacy, and merely perpetuates racial strife within America society.

Too add insult to injury, Former President Bill Clinton further fan the flames of racial discord by citing that Senator Barack Obama's message merely represents a fairy tale.

Now of course, both Senator Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton have performed a some what effective political tap dance in an attempt to cool the flames; citing that they actually meant something else. However, we must ask ourselves how difficult is it to interpret the articulation of the Clinton's language.

Moreover, while Barack Obama continues to echo the message of a united America; the Clinton's have emphatically embarked upon a mudslinging smear campaign in a attempt to sway the American voting populous against the undeniably best candidate for the office of United States President.

Considering that the American people have been altogether victimized by eight years of a fear driven presidency courtesy of the Bush Administration; it is high time that the citizens of America send an unambiguous message to the Clinton's, that enough is enough; and that we are sick and tired of being used as pawns in their game of emotional politics, coupled with their politically contaminated strategy of winning by any means necessary.

As I stated in a previous article that;

"We must be judicious in our political examination of the presidential candidates before us, and look toward the future, and not the past.

It is likewise imperative that we elect a president that has the courage, the diplomacy, the tact, the insight, the morals, the integrity, and a visionary eye coupled with a dedication to reunite a country which has been divided for far too long, across ethnic and socioeconomic boundaries".

That person, is without question, Presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama.

M. QUINN is a freelance journalist born in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Author of the book "Removing the Veil".


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This website is always under construction please email me  relevant links related to any of the candidates or to race and racism and the election.
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