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Junious Ricardo Stanton

The Clinton’s fiendishly cunning plan to destroy Barack Obama’s
non-threatening public image by directly linking him to an outspoken
unabashedly pro-black minister is succeeding beyond their widest
expectations. This was a calculated and choreographed campaign to
undermine Obama in the minds of white folks. The groundwork was laid by
Clinton supporters like Geraldine Ferraro and Pennsylvania governor Ed
Rendell. Ferraro played the "bad cop" charging Obama was only where he
was because he was Black. She was adamant, she refused to back down from
her statement so she willingly took the hit. Her resignation helped
bolster Clinton’s position with whites because it played out older
whites worst nightmare, a white person losing their job because of a
black person. That incident forced white people to acknowledge the
elephant in the room, race. Ed Rendell played the good cop making the
rounds on the cable networks when Hillary Rodham Clinton was at her
nadir. Obama was beating Clinton like she stole something making her
look bad as he garnered delegates left and right winning eleven straight
primaries. Rendell went on the air whining that Obama was getting a free
pass from the media. Rendell even had the audacity to say the media was
not scrutinizing Obama’s speeches or his campaign. Yet no one in the
mainstream media challenged Clinton or her supporters on their cockamamy
assertion she had more experience to be Commander in Chief than Obama;
as if being married to Bill Clinton gave her presidential experience!?
Both Ferraro and Rendell were setting us up for what was to come, a
vicious yet subtle attack on Obama by playing the race card. The attack
was aimed primarily at Obama’s core,young white people. That’s why they
first used You Tube to get the snippets of Rev. Wright out to the people
who use that particular medium, young folks. As many of us who are
familiar with You Tube know, something can be hot there but not make any
impression outside that medium or have any impact or influence beyond
the circle of folks who frequent You Tube. To penetrate the
consciousness of older whites who don’t know anything about that
technology and to get more folks to log onto You Tube to see it, the
corporate media colluded with the Clinton’s to manufacture a
controversy. Images of a Black preacher railing against the hypocrisy,
mendacity and rapine of AmeriKKKa, daring to make moral judgments about
AmeriKKKa’s crimes against humanity triggered deeply rooted
psychological angst amongst white people. The images and words of Rev.
Jeremiah A Wright Jr. shocked and unsettled most white people. Wright’s
words immediately put them on the defensive, a position that makes them
extremely uncomfortable. Wright exposed their evil. The righteous
indignation of his sermon was genuine, rightly so because he was
chastising AmeriKKKa for her wickedness and wanton inhumanity. But for
whites who have been snookered and brainwashed into believing they have
exemption from moral accountability and their perceived "white skinned
privilege" gives them the right to do whatever they want, anywhere they
want, Wright’s message cut to the quick. Wright challenged their "we’re
the good guys" delusions.

The Clinton’s knew this strategy would work. They knew showing an angry
Rev. Wright denouncing AmeriKKKa’s ruthlessness and the imperial blood
lust that has guided AmeriKKKa since before its founding as a nation,
would generate animosity against Wright and by extension Barack Obama.
"How dare he say such things." is the thought of many whites. To them
Wright is unpatriotic even though he served honorably in the US
military. By linking Obama to Wrights’s words, Obama was put on the
defensive just like the Clinton’s knew they would. When they tried to
tie him the Louis Farrakhan that didn’t work. When they tried to say he
was a Muslim to exploit the Islamophobia the US mainstream media has
created, that didn’t work either. But they knew about Rev. Jeremiah
Wright from the git go. They knew he was pro-black, an anathema to most
whites, because their fragile self-images are threatened by people who
are not mindlessly Eurocentric. The media tried to make an issue about
Wright’s theology early on, but Obama cut them off at the pass by
disassociating himself from Wright and not inviting him to participate
in his campaign launch. The Clinton’s, simply filed the information away
for use another day.

While Obama has faced the firestorm and controversy head on, major
damage has been done. He was sailing smoothly along as the "Good Negro",
articulate, enthusiastic and intelligent a Black (the one drop rule is
still in effect) candidate who never mentioned race. Obama eschewed the
topic because to do so made whites uncomfortable, and to make white
people uncomfortable is to court disaster. Race and color are the
festering sins of AmeriKKKa, sins white folks avoid ‘fessing up to at
all costs. Like the sin of genocide against the Native Americans, which
also undercuts their "we are moral and civilized" image, the race issue
also forces them to see themselves outside the bogus parameters they
have constructed about themselves. They are forced to confront behaviors
that undermine their delusional notions of being civilized. Their
collective behaviors are so egregious and pervasive, to maintain their
sense of comfort and domination whites and their victims, the Native
Americans and Blacks expend inordinate amounts of energy deluding
ourselves things are getting better, but they are not.

Racism and violence have metastasized deep into the marrow of AmeriKKKa.
Obama’s message offered hope, he exhorted the need for change generating
a false sense of healing. He seems to actually believe AmeriKKKa can be
better. Alas even if that is true, people like the Clintons really don’t
want change. They want the status quo because they benefit from things
not changing. So to prove how committed they are to the status quo they
offered up Rev Jeremiah Wright Jr to the racism gods as their sacrifice.
Just like Bill Clinton offered up Sistah Souljah when he was running.
Now Rev. Wright is being demonized, vilified and castigated by the white
media. They have to, because he poses a serious threat to their
self-image and their policies. If this were sixty years ago an uppity
Negro like Buddy Wright would have been found hanging from a tree or his
church would have been bombed. But today they lynch you electronically,
for the whole world to see. The difference between the old time lynchin’
and today’s version is, back in the day when they lynched you, you were
dead for good. Today if you aren’t strong enough to withstand the
vilification, and character assassination, you become a living example
of a broken man or woman, which is what they really want. They want a
symbolically castrated, emasculated man, psychologically wounded and
hobbling for all the world to see. Buddy Wright can take it and he will
bounce back stronger than ever.

The Clintons and the media mind control apparatus are playing the tried
and true slave massa role/game: beat down or lynch an "uppity" black
leader and the rest of us will fall in line. By fall in line whites
mean: go along with their okey-doke, swallow your manhood and humanity,
think like they tell us to think and don’t get out of our "place". It
remains to be seen how successful that part of their strategy will be.


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