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Prof. Nikitah Imani

Well beloved, I hate to say “I told you so”, but “I told you so”. When
Obama had to do the apology and denigration circuit that all Africans are
marched on in seeking national Euro-American support, I said:

(a) it would never be enough regardless of the words and that

(b) he would end up perpetually on that road, an aside to his campaign.

Now he is on the second leg of the tour, this time relative to Rev.
Wright. Again, nothing will be enough and the only result will be that he
will relinquish his connections with the Black activist movement in a
trade with white liberals who in the end will betray him anyway. I heard
Rev. Wright’s comments.

Basically the excerpts played on Fox amounted to

(1) That the Clintons don’t know what it means to be African in America
regardless of their “popularity.” True.

(2) That the larger concern over 911 ignores the endless state terrorism
to which African people have been subjected for more than 400 years at
the hands of the US state. True.

Not once did anybody argue against the content of Rev. Wright’s
statements. Rather they argue against the tone. See, we’re supposed to
either be funny or happy. Afrikans who present the hard core truth in the
tone consistent with anger are opposed on tonal grounds because the
empirical facts don’t allow much more of a sustainable argument.


While I have not been a real advocate of any US state politics, I could
not help but feel sorry for Obama, forced to endure questioning on Fox,
trying to reconcile his 20 year friendship, his marriage ceremony, his
daughters’ consecrations, and so on..all personal matters of religious
freedom and freedom of association for the benefit of an all
Euro-american conservative audience that will not support him electorally
anyway, that regularly denigrate all of his people as fodder for
insensitive political jokes, and that in the end only want to see him
discredited. I will not forget the look in his eyes of a certain defeat,
not electoral, but a certain resignation that this is his lot for the
remainder of the campaign. Watching a defanged, caged, panther, forced to
wait as the trainer feeds him scraps from a trough is rough, when if he
would but show his natural ferocity..his food would not be brought but
the trainer himself might be the meal.

Apologize for loving, caring about, or being influenced by one African
brother or sister, and to Euro-Americans, and you will forever be
apologizing. This is why I don’t start. I don’t agree with everything
Farrakhan or Wright or even Obama says, but “whites” are never asked to
apologize for endorsing Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, Roosevelt (who said
“we ain’t fighting to save no Jews” during WWII, Falwell, David Duke,
etc…etc…etc..unless their own specific actions suggest some evidence of
personal hatred. Those who have attacked Obama here KNOW that he has none
of those hatreds, so the idea that they have to “check” is ludicrous. I
look forward to when we have more candidates like Cynthia Mckinney who
are willing to say that if you wait for them to denigrate their own
people as a precondition for their legitimation, you will be waiting
until Hades has an air conditioner.

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This website is always under construction please email me  relevant links related to any of the candidates or to race and racism and the election.
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