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Pearl Jr.

After weeks of stirring up racial insecurities started by the Clintons, popularized by the media, and activated into a mob hell bent on finding a way to stop Barack Obama's unprecedented winning streak as a Black candidate for President, a few remarks from Reverend Jeremiah Wright, that have been repetitively thrust into the public consciousness, are creating wear and tear into the campaign of Barack Obama.

Too many people are replacing the face of Rev. Wright with the face of Barack Obama-a classic case of guilt by association (a jedi-mind trick), or worse yet, all Black people are alike stereotype.

So what does it really mean if Mr. Obama did listen to his Pastor's words? Do White people really believe that one Black man, even as President, will break down the entire system that White people control? What about the governmental checks and balances set up by the forefathers? What about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Congress, and all the laws on the books today?

To actually watch a right-wing conspiracy now intertwined into democratic paranoia is confusing many supporters of Barack Obama because of an irrational fear that Black people will ruin the lives of Whites, albeit, puts the needs of Blacks first.

Well, judging by the actions of the current President, George W. Bush--a White man, has done a good enough job of destroying the progress of Americans in a mere 7 years: government debts and spending are out of control, a meaningless endless war that has killed nearly 100,000 human beings in collaboration with exorbitant fuel prices affecting the prices of everything causing inflation, the permissive atmosphere of allowable corporate greed that has lead to more and more corporate welfare and a mortgage breakdown in the housing market, and a credit crunch that is destroying the value of the American dollar worldwide, no, don't fear Blackness, fear an elitist power structure that will use nepotism to turn the United States back into the Monarchy the Revolutionary War separated us from.

Please know if Barack Obama is elected President, there will be ZERO Black US Senators (Obama is the only one out of 100), just two Black Governors out of 50, and out of 435 House of Representatives only about 40 are Black. Also keep in mind that nearly 70 percent of the US population is White, all major media is controlled and owned by non-Blacks, and the debilitating conditions of too many Black communities determines it's a safe bet that if Obama did really and truly care about Black concerns TOO, White people are in pretty good shape their concerns won't be put on the back burner.

In today's world, it seems the issues of the poor will become the concerns of the middle class-this means what afflicts Blacks will spill over to more and more Whites if the same brand of people continues to rule, regardless of race. We are truly in this mess together and will not get out of it quickly if CHANGE doesn't occur.

Come on people, aren't we all as guilty as many claim Obama to be for listening to the Pastor's words? How many of us have stopped listening and watching the news that plays the same clip over and over and over again? Not many, the ratings are through the roof! Maybe Obama stayed at the church because he wanted to learn more, understand more, and help find a solution to the problem, which are the signs of true leadership.

Reasonable thinking tells us that one highly educated, magna cum laude earning Black man who heard a few justifiably angry words from the experiences of a Black person living in America has enough American indoctrination to deem fit to make well-rounded opinions.

Barack Obama's life includes White and non-Black people in his family, a multi-cultural campaign staff, diverse life experiences, and a Harvard Law School education to PROVE he has enough commonsense to extract what is useful and throw the rest of it away. Furthermore, realize he must publicly serve all of America's citizens--the White, Black, Brown and Asian ones are all included!

In the utter unfairness of this entire controversy, the phrase "building a wall of separation between church and state" written by Thomas Jefferson on January 1, 1802 is as usable today as it was over 200 years ago. How did Jefferson know we'd need that wisdom today to label what is said in the church called a foul ball in the political game? Mitt Romney didn't have to answer to the racist beliefs of his Mormon religion, but Barack is expected to shut out the voices of Black citizens. Apparently, Obama is supposed to continue the tradition that Black people are expected to suffer in silence, paralyzing them into more of the same pain with no gain.

Let's all keep in mind, the 1st Amendment explains that even dissenting voices must be freely spoken so Americans will always work towards A MORE PERFECT UNION for all!


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This website is always under construction please email me  relevant links related to any of the candidates or to race and racism and the election.
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