Examples of SEM Micrographs

These are some of the images captured using the JEOL JSM-5800LV scanning electron microscope at the University of Dayton, Department of Biology.

Click on the following images to see a larger micrograph...

Head of midge

Head of moth

Eye of moth

Forelimb of moth

Gold foil at 80,000x

Gold foil at 200,000x

Viburnum pollen

Leaf stomata

Sea urchin spine

Sea urchin spines

Sea urchin spines

Sea urchin spines

Sperm of hamster

Liver red blood cells

Villi of small intestine

Thunbergia pollen

All of the above samples were imaged using the SEM in low vacuum mode, except the gold samples which were viewed using a high vacuum mode.

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